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I specialize in Edge to Edge quilting. This means that the pattern is cohesive and repeats across the entire quilt. I charge 2.5 cents/sq.inch 

Figuring out price of quilting:

Width of quilt in inches X Length of quilt in inches = Square inches of quilt x $.025 = quilting fee


A quilt is 60"x75" = 4500 sq.inch x $.025 = $112.50

I do have a minimum fee of $45.00 for any quilt/table runner/wall hanging submitted.

*please note that all prices are listed in Canadian Dollars

NOTE: I only do digital Edge-to-Edge quilting, I do not do any custom quilting.  If you would like me to refer you to anyone check out one of my fellow members in the Longarm League to find a longarm quilter that can specialize in custom quilting.


I use and stock my favorite Quilters Dream batting in the 80/20 cotton/poly blend, and Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly blend.


Batting is a separate charge and is NOT included in the square inch price.

I charge for batting by the linear inch from a roll of batting ( it is 90" wide).

I will use only what is needed for your quilt (smallest side of quilt + a 8" margin) and charge per inch.

For example, if you have a 60" x 80" quilt, I would cut 68" of the batting of your choice. 


Quilters Dream 80/20  - cotton/poly blend @ $0.475/inch* (Equals to $19.00/m)
Hobbs 80/20 - cotton/poly blend @ $0.40/inch* (Equals to $16.00/m)

*batting prices for 90" wide

***please note prices are listed in Canadian dollars.


I exclusively stock Glide thread which is a 100% polyester in #40 weight for the top of your quilt, and #60 weight on pre-wound bobbins. I don't charge any extra fees for thread use, it's included in your square inch price. 
My personal style attempts to match or blend thread colour with the lighter areas of your quilt. But this is YOUR quilt! Let me know if you have a preference on thread color.


Shipping your top and backing to me: I live in Alberta, Canada and would be happy to receive your top, backing and batting (if you are supplying your own) by mail. I'd recommend sending your materials enclosed in some kind of sack or bag to protect against possible moisture in transit and then placed in a hard-sided cardboard box. Make sure the box is securely taped and labeled clearly. 

Return shipping: Once I’ve finished quilting, I will obtain a shipping quote and add it to your invoice. When the invoice is paid, I will return your quilt to you via Canada Post Priority shipping with tracking number, insurance, and a required signature. Your parcel will come with $100 of insurance, but please indicate on your intake form if you would like me to buy any additional insurance on your behalf. It's a great idea to insure your valuables against loss or damage while with the Postal Service, but I don't require it. Once package is sent from Canada Post I will send you the tracking information.  Timelines of Canada Post vary, once it is sent it is out of my control on how quickly that package will be returned to you.


After the work is complete, I will invoice you via PayPal. I really do appreciate timely payments as that enables me to mail your project(s) back to you right away.

If you are local you may pay by Cash, etransfer, Mastercard/Visa When you pick up your quilt!

I'm excited to work with you to help create a beautiful quilt!

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